23 March 2006

A new home

For those that don't know, we are under contract for a new house. After searching the market for over a year, we have finally found what we've been looking for. It's a beautiful log cabin on just over 3 acres!

We are hoping to close before Easter, and of course, y'all will be invited for the "house warming/my b-day" party!

A link to more pictures of the house can be found here.

20 March 2006

To the top.....

Our good friends David and Brandy Blythe came up to spend some time with us this weekend. We decided since it was such a nice day on Sunday to go for a hike. The top of Stone Mountain here in Wilkes County was our destination. The hike went pretty good for a while until we started to make the last climb for the top. That got us all huffing and puffing but we pushed on and were rewarded with a spectacular view.

After spending a few minutes on top enjoying the view and resting, we headed back down. Even Sage was tired as we neared the vehicle.

14 March 2006

Hello blogging world!

So I've decided to follow the lead of my good friend Brandon Lockwood and join the world of blogging. His family blog can be found here.

With all the new happenings that seem to be taking place and a new chapter of our lives about to start, I thought that this may be a good way to keep everyone up to date.

Stay tuned....