20 August 2006

Meet Maddie

Well, here she is. We picked her up yesterday. She is MUCH smaller than I expected.

As you can prolly tell, Crystal has pretty much done nothing but take pictures since we got her. Maddie had a big day yesterday with lots of traveling. She did great in the car, and luckily for us, the folks that we got her from have been doing this for quite awhile. She is basically already housed trained. All we have to do is take her outside and set her down and she "does her business".

Sage is still somewhat unsure of her new buddy. She basically ignores her for the most part. I'm sure they'll adjust to one another.

The girls in my life are gonna have a fun week this week without me. Crystal will be taking care of both the dogs alone for Maddie's first week with us, but I'm positive she can handle it. I'll be out of town for the better part of the week in meetings and then on to beautiful Graham County for what is being touted as "Troutapalooza 2006" for the weekend. I am also postive that when I return that I will have two very spoiled dogs to deal with!

Hope this finds everyone well and will talk to you soon.

13 August 2006

Finally Crystal makes a comment

I can no longer be quite here in the blogging world. My husband has stepped over the line with the "Deadskins" comment. I am sure he just said it to make me mad. Hello to all the new bloggers. I was glad to hear that both Erins, Todd, Rodney and Sally were on here now. Hope to hear from Sadie soon. Good luck you guys. I will post some pics of the new girl in the family after we pick her up on Sat.

My favorite time of year

Last night was a very long awaited night! It seems like forever since the first weekend in February when we all last got to watch a football game. But the season is back now and happiness can again be restored!

Ok, that might be a little much, but I am still glad it's here. Football season, cooler weather....this is truly the best time of the year! The Panthers had their first pre-season game last night and they looked unstoppable, the starters anyway. Jake and the boys on offense easily drove down the field and picked up a quick score on their first drive and Julius and the boys on defense forced a "3 and out" with a sack coming from #90 himself.

It was a good start to the young season, although I do know that the Bills are most likely one of the "easiest" teams that the CATS will face this season. Well, with the exception of maybe the 26th of November matchup with the Deadskins (how's about a friendly rivalry TB?). LOL

So I'll leave you with a phrase that should captivate us all...."Are you ready for some football?"

11 August 2006

Adding another pack member

We have been talking about getting another dog and after some discussion and decision making, we have decided to get one. Crystal started by going thru local adoption places and shelters. Most of these places have their own websites with pics of the animals they currently have. After seeing how much some of theses "adopted" dogs were gonna cost (not to mention I hate the thought of giving money to some of these blatant 'anti-hunting' groups), we decided to try to find one from a breeder.

After some searching and cruising around on the World Wide Web, we found one we both agreed on. Crystal contacted the breeder and the one we were interested in was still available so we have sent a "deposit" so they will hold her for us. She isn't quite old enough for us to pick her up yet, but she should have her last vet checkup and be ready to go probably by next weekend. Assuming nothing happens between now and then, our pack will grow by one soon. So without further ado......

I will try to get more pictures up after we get her and of course figure out what we're gonna call her.