21 May 2009

Trying to catch the sunset

We wanted to try to get some decent sunset pictures. These were all taken near the end of the island at the Bogue Inlet. Of course Crystal is more of a photographer than I am and the shots that follow are ones that I took, mainly of Sam, while Crystal was getting shots with her camera.

Sam had a blast just running around and chasing us while we were shooting. And, not to be outdone, I tried my hand at attempting to get a nice sunset picture.

I will attempt in the near future to upload a post with Crystal's shots from the evening.

18 May 2009

Sunday on our Emerald Isle vacation

We made it down to Emerald Isle on Saturday afternoon for our 2009 beach vacation.
Sam and mommy on the beach!

We got up Sunday morning expecting rain and were pleasantly surprised to find that the rain was still a few hours away. We took advantage of the sunshine and headed out to the beach.
Hiding in the shade.

It wasn't long before the storm clouds began building and the rain was on it's way. After getting back to the condo and having some lunch we headed to the aquarium.
Bikes on the beach.
This is where we were on the beach earlier Sam.
Sam liked the loggerhead turtle display in front of the NC Aquarium in Pine Knoll Shores.

There was a "live dive" taking place while we were at the aquarium. They were using the white sticks to gently 'steer' the sand tiger sharks away from the diver giving the presentation while in the tank.
A photo opportunity in the gift shop. He DID NOT want to get in here! :)

And Sam and mommy leaving the aquarium.

Currently (Monday noonish) we are waiting on the rain to subside so we can venture out and do more beach things today. Fortunately, after today, the weather is supposed to be more cooperative and we'll get to do more outside activities. Until then.....

06 May 2009


I took advantage of a brief break in the rain showers this afternoon to do a little "gardening". Crystal got me a couple of "Topsy Turvy" tomato baskets for my birthday last month and I finally got the chance to get them up today.
Both of them out and ready to go up.

I'm going to try to see if they'll grow on this hanger beside the steps. Crystal had a good point that the deer will probably come up and eat them there but I'm at least going to try this first. Maybe the dogs will keep the deer far enough away, and if not, I'll move them somewhere else.
I got the tomato plants into the planters and watered and not 20 minutes after I took this final picture it started raining again so I'm guessing they are sufficiently wet. Hopefully we'll have many delicious "maters" this summer!

And for those that check this blog just to see pictures of Samuel, here ya go (Hey mom!). After eating a cupcake...he sure loves chocolate!