15 May 2006

The Wedding!

We are back from the wedding of Rodney and Erin, now "officially" the Phillips!

It was a fun weekend and beautiful wedding. We were able to spend some time with old friends and got to make some new ones. Rodney and Erin are now enjoying their honeymoon in Ireland. Erin Go Bragh! For those that don't know, click the link.

A small collection of pictures that Crystal was able to take at the wedding and reception can be viewed here.

Erin and Rodney, we love you and hope you find every happiness together!

08 May 2006

A long hiatus

Many apologies for the lack of posts. It's been a hectic few weeks. We've been trying to get settled and set up to make this place look like home.

Crystal (after swearing she'd never have plants) has been planting flowers and even some tomato and cucumber plants!

We even have a friendly greeter to "Welcome" you here!

Believe or not, we ordered our furniture for the house at the end of March. Everything with the exception of the dining room chairs were delivered on the day we closed (12 April). Incredibly, as of today (8 May), we still have not received our chairs! I'm really looking forward to eating at the table.

We're slowly but surely able to get photos in frames and get pictures on the wall.

(Can anyone guess what's on TV?)

We look forward to more of you being able to come visit us. And check back soon for pictures of the wedding...no, not ours. Two of our very best friends are FINALLY getting married this weekend. Rodney and Erin are gonna officially become Mr. & Mrs. Phillips!

Hope everyone is doing well. And we hope to see you soon....