22 January 2010

The girls one month pics!

Crystal has been able to take some new pictures of the girls. Sarah was typically a little calmer than her sister and we never could get Ellie to look at the camera. This is their 'one month old' pictures. Many more pictures will come in the next year, if we can find the time!

HERE are more pics.

15 January 2010

One month in

So the girls are a little over a month old now and all is still going well. Samuel continues to love them like crazy. All he wants to do is give them kisses! :) Ellie is showing some signs of having colic although we seem to be dealing with that fairly well. Sarah seems to sleep a little better than her sister, however Ellie will tend to sleep longer than Sarah. The girls are still waking up about every 3-4 hours at night so Crystal and I have long forgotten what continuous sleep is like, but Crystal does let me sleep as long as she can through the week so I can go to work without being a total zombie.

Crystal has been able to take a few pictures of the girls. We hope to have time to be able to try to make some more this weekend and if we do, I'll try to post some as soon as I can. However, for now, here's some that she has already done. Enjoy!

Sarah Elizabeth

Ellie Katherine

As usual, there are more pictures of Sarah and Ellie.