14 March 2010

New pics of the girls

Well I say new pics. These are almost a month old now and Crystal is gearing up to take this month's Easter pics.

As I sit here this morning drinking coffee and typing this, the girls are contentedly sleeping, Crystal is in the bed, and Sam is no doubt playing and having a ball with his grandparents (they came and got him yesterday). We've pretty well established a routine that seems to work. For those that don't know, Crystal now works the weekend 'graveyard' shift at the hospital. It allows us to not have to send the kids to daycare, but it does make the weekends somewhat tiring. We are however, slowly getting adjusted to this new life. The girls are starting to show their personalities a little more now by laughing and smiling, and crying. They are a joy and a blessing. And Samuel continues to amaze me everyday with the amount of information his little brain seems to be absorbing and his vocabulary expands daily it seems.  He likes to tell us that we're "driving him crazy". :) I assume he got that from his mother......

As per my usual way, HERE is a link to more pictures. I'll try to get the Easter pics up when those are completed.