29 May 2010

New pics of the twins!

Crystal was able to find time to make some new pictures of the girls. It's hard to believe the girls are 5 months old! Ellie remains "ahead" of Sarah in certain areas such as rolling over. Ellie can pretty much turn over anytime she wishes. However, Sarah seems to be "ahead" of Ellie in other areas like eating. Sarah seems to have grasped the new concept of food better than her sister. They're both doing well and their big brother simply adores them still. Hopefully someday soon Crystal will be able to find the time to get Sam's 3 year old pics made. Until then......

23 May 2010


So we celebrated 2 birthdays here yesterday at the Duncan house. May 22nd is a big day for us! Samuel turned 3 and Crystal is now...well I know better than that! :)

It's hard to believe that the baby boy is 3 already! Time surely flies. The rest of the family continues to do well. The girls are growing and they'll be crawling around before we know it. We've started them on "food". Sarah can definitely out eat Ellie. Ellie doesn't seem to like it at all, but hey, it's pureed vegetables. How good can it actually be?

I'll leave you with a picture of Sam's birthday cake that Crystal made. Her talent shows no bounds.....