26 May 2008

The 1st birthday party

We had Sam's birthday party on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who was able to come even with the high gas prices! It was good to see everyone.

Many more pics are right HERE.

22 May 2008

Happy Birthday Sam...(and mommy too)!

So today is one year. I'm absolutely blown away. Where has the time gone? Here's a look back.....

The news

The first "picture"

Comfy on the inside

3 hours old

First month

Second month

Third month

Fourth month "Go Panthers"!

Fifth month

Sixth month

Seventh month "Merry Christmas"

Eighth month

Ninth month

Tenth month "Happy Easter"

Eleventh month

One year old!

And to my beautiful wife...this was you, we, us one year ago today. Happy Birthday!
One year already...WOW...I can't wait for the rest of the ride. :)

27 March 2008

An update (Finally!)

Yes, it has been a long time since I've put anything on here, but hey, we are trying to raise a 10 month old! :)

We've had a good year so far. Samuel really enjoyed New Year's. He didn't get any of the champagne from the picture!

January came and went and I (and Sam) watched the NFL playoffs. Then came a great Superbowl and congrats to the Giants and their fans (Crystal has pulled for Eli every since he joined the league). Suddenly Valentine's was upon us.Yes, she does take pictures on every holiday.

Samuel also hit the 9 month mark in February and that meant check-up time. He was 30.75 inches tall (97th%), weighed 24 lbs. 7 oz. (92%), and once again was in the 95th% for his head circumference. He truly is a Duncan!

This past weekend was Easter and we hope everyone had a great time sharing time with friends and family. Obviously, she took pictures.And many more pics from Easter can be seen HERE.

Hopefully in the weeks and months to come I will have time to get some posts on here more often and we have a birthday party to prepare for! Until then.....