14 September 2009

Sam's 1st tent camping trip

On Friday, September the 11th, Sam and I loaded up after work and "school" to go camping. Crystal's parent's neighbors have a spot on the New River in Virginia that they allow us to use. This happens to be the first time that we have actually went up and stayed for the night. Crystal was going to get up early and travel to Winston to go to some consignment sales to try to find some baby equipment and clothes for our soon to be arriving additions, so Sam and I thought we'd go camping!

We got there Friday evening and I got the tent setup while Sam was riding his "motorcycle". I had no sooner finished setting up camp and it started raining. Our friends David and Brandy and their two kids, Courtlyn and Koda, came up for the evening to have hotdogs around the campfire with us. We had just gotten the fire going when the rain began so the kids and I headed for shelter while Dave and Brandy 'bravely' roasted some hotdogs in the rain. It only lasted about 20 minutes and then the sky began to clear.

With darkness approaching, David and his family loaded up to go home and Sam and I started our nightly routine. Pajamas on, a clean diaper, and brushed our teeth. Then we settled into a chair by the campfire for Sam's nightly milk. I went to put Sam in the bed and he would have nothing of it, so I laid there with him for about 30 minutes and he finally fell asleep. I stayed up for awhile longer reading and eventually turned in myself. I was awoken around 1:30 by Sam calmly saying "daddy, daddy" and he had to get right beside me to sleep the rest of the night. Not too bad for his first time in the tent!

He woke me up about 7:30 as happy as he could be!

His first trip went well, if not a little short, and hopefully there will be many more trips to come.....maybe next time with mom and the girls!