24 July 2010

The girls June pics

The girls are getting teeth! Ellie already has two teeth thru the gums and Sarah isn't far behind. I suspect that she will have teeth thru this weekend.

Everyone continues to do well. We are counting down the weeks until we get to go on vacation. 9 weeks from today! It's been a long time coming. Since doing the Dave Ramsey plan (see my previous post), we haven't taken a vacation since May 2009. I know it doesn't seem that long, but we're really looking forward to getting down to the OBX for a week!

08 July 2010


I am amazingly happy to report that as of today after a year of scrimping and saving and living "like no one else", Crystal and I are DEBT FREE!

Last July we began to live differently and began budgeting our money thanks to Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course and it has taken us 1 year to become debt free (except for the house)! We've paid off alot of debt in the last year and the last thing to go was Crystal's Toyota Highlander payment, which she paid in full today, approximately 2.5 years before it was due!

Now we're on to saving up a fully funded "emergency fund" and we have already paid for our upcoming vacation in September. It's gonna be nice to not have our vacation follow us home and be paying for it for months to come!

And now for the fun part. Click to hear a great FREEDOM scream!